Unifying the user experience across web3 applications

Role: HEad of Product Designer
Type: Product Design
Service: ZERO-to-one
Category: DeFi

Discovery Workshops, Branding, Product Design, Design System & User interface components for a DeFi Ecosystem.

#1 Seed Phase

How might we integrate all key features of DeFi into a single application?

How might we create a modular design system built for scalability?

How might we simplify the user interface while delivering the best user experience?

#2 Craft phase

Some of the design decisions we’ve made to solve business and customers challenges

From a single interface, you can earn rewards, bridge your tokens, borrow Radar's stablecoin, or leverage your crypto assets.


Connect your wallet to your preferred network. Choose between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and other networks.


#3 Completion Phase

Crafting the web3 ecosystem enabling farming, borrowing, staking, and other features


#4 Outcomes

We started with an idea and a big vision ending up six months later launching the application. In the first 24 hours after the launch, over $2M was transferred through Radar's application by thousands of users. The best part? Approximately 10% of it was collected in fees.

As a Head of Product Design, my responsibility was to design the brand and the experience from the ground up. To quote Peter Thiel, it was the kind of project I had strategized and designed "from zero to one".

Takeaway. I had the pleasure to collaborate with a great team. They trusted my process, and everybody was proud of the product's final design.

Lessons. It was one of the most complete, complex, entertaining products which I was proud to work on.

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